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apple really wants to build a car?

I guess you might call me a dyed-in-the-wool Apple enthusiast. After all, my Apple Computer product ownership goes back to Apple II, the first Macintosh computer, first PowerBook, first iPod, iPhone and Apple Watch. And I'm still a fan of the brand, typing this on my trusty MacBook.

It's not that I doubt that Apple can design and produce a perfectly decent battery electric vehicle, but if and when they do, it better be as cool and dramatic as the original iPhone was compared to my Palm Treo 650 back in 2007. Up 'till then, my "smartphone" was the envy of many colleagues. And that's the same Job's inspired Apple drama that the company will need to jump into the car business.

nu apple car.jpg

badly driven vehicles according to insurers


You may have heard, or even experienced, the apparent rudeness of BMW drivers. Well according to Insurify Insights, an organization that measurers such things, that's the case, especially when operating 4-Series models. Not only do these drivers score rudest in the nation, they're third in the DUI category.


While not so rude, RAM Heavy Duty drivers score number one in the drinking while driving category. Considering the size, that's a bad combo.

Surprisingly, the ignominious title of first place in drunk driving conveyance goes to the rather self-effacing vintage Chevy S-10. It's also the least costly and that savings may help buy insurance coverage.

And while Subaru WRX drivers aren't as buzzed (# 6 in the top ten) as afore mentioned operators, they get the top prize for speeding, are forth rudest and third most likely to cause an accident. Watch me fly!

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