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monterey classic car week returns in style

From Carmel's Concours on the Avenue through the Pebble Beach awards, events were well attended and festive.
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carmel concours on the avenue

Monterey Classic Car Week's shows began in earnest on Tuesday, August 10th with Concours on the Avenue, a street show that commands Carmel’s scenic Ocean Avenue. Cars of all makes produced from 1940 through 1973 make most of the field with Ferrari and Porsche featured this year. The quality of vehicles is quite high for a free-to-public show and it was judged, but I have no winners to report since results were not released at this writing.

The organizers did not require masks for the outside assembly if spectators provided proof of vaccination. A blue medical-like wrist band was provided to those who cooperated. Most did.

Low riders_edited.jpg
Coupe staged_edited.jpg

monterey kickoff in pacific grove

After kicking the tires at Carmel’s Concours on the Avenue, we hopped in our R58 MINI Cooper Coupe, the fairly rare two-passenger model offered from 2011 to 2015, and headed to Classic Motorsports Magazine’s MONTEREY KICKOFF, a street show that’s down to earth enough to include our 2013 MINI as an entrant. Our staging on Lighthouse Drive was adjacent to the nice restaurant Heat Wave where we could enjoy a late lunch while keeping our little car in sight. No, we didn’t win a ribbon but had fun conversations with fellow enthusiasts. And that’s what these shows are all about.


the little car show

After picking up media credentials for the formal automotive gatherings that included McCall’s, Laguna Seca, Quail and Pebble Beach, we headed back to Pacific Grove for a déjà vu afternoon street show. The Little Car Show is a well-attended event that accepts entrants powered by 1600 CC or less. While our MINI might qualify, we were happy to be spectators and enjoy the petite scenery, accompanied by an old-time band. It’s refreshing and free to the public.

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