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Living Large with Electricity, Mercedes-Benz Style.

A decade or so ago, Mercedes-Benz management decided to offer a model for most every niche of the automotive landscape, a strategy that rival BMW was pursuing. Today buyers can choose from A to S-Class cars, GLA to GLS-Class crossovers, GT and SL sports cars, the G-Class SUV and most recently, the EQ lineup of electric vehicles. If that’s not nearly enough, there’s a full lineup of big vans to choose from. Some pundits allege to have discovered 70 Mercedes models, I’m betting there are more, at least enough that few if any dealers could keep all models in stock.

Our EQS 450+ SUV is the large, luxury utility based on Mercedes’ new EV architecture that’s also under the EQS sedan model. I foolishly assumed that the “+” suffix identified a higher priced variant than the EQS 450, but hadn’t noticed the 4MATIC tag, signifying two electric motors creating all-wheel-drive. However, while the plus sign doesn’t indicate added acceleration alacrity, this model does offer a wee bit more range at a lower price and those are both attributes.


Mercedes has kept the retail base price of $104,400 untouched for 2024 while increasing the battery’s usable rating to 118 kWh, enhanced the braking system for better feel and made the MBUX Hyperscreen, the display that sweeps across the entire dash, standard equipment. There are many other enhancements, and it’s safe to say that there wasn’t much luxury missing in our big, vivacious test car. And that’s as it should be when you’re dealing out six figures for the pride of ownership.


The EQS is certainly big, measuring over 200-inches in length and weighing in at just under 6,000-pounds, but it doesn’t behave like some of the big truck-based critters that loom around in luxury livery. Smooth electric power helps, along with a low center of gravity and four-wheel steering that creates the nimbleness of a smaller vehicle. And the long 126..4-inch wheelbase maintains stability.


Stepping into the EQS is not as challenging as many other big SUVs, but Mercedes decided that fixed, narrow running boards were an attribute. I never bothered trying to step up on them and my wife found the shiny step plates more nuisance than helpful. And while I’m making a squawk list, I’d add the audio volume control that begins life as a petite, finger slide switch in the steering wheel spoke. Once triggered, it causes a virtual graphic control to appear for just a moment or two over on the big display. And if you’ve got little else to do at the moment but locate and touch screens, you can triumph over cabin loudness. A better solution is the simple, time-tested round control.


My few negative comments were handily outweighed by getting this big fella on the road. A drive into Jacksonville during a blinding rainstorm was a reminder of what a well-engineered Mercedes-Benz can deliver in confidence. Not only was the EQS solid as a rock, but should things have gone a bit south, it’s the machine you want to be cosseted in. And while I’m not yet ready to make an EV my only vehicle, at least until recharge opportunities proliferate as promised, the EQS published range of 339-miles was adequate and seemed conservative during my week’s experience.


Other rivals in this category are the Audi SQ8 e-tron, BMW’s iX, Rivian’s R1S, Tesla Model X and GMC’s Hummer SUV.

s-MBZ EQS 450+ REAR_edited.jpg
s-MBZ EQS 450+ INTR_edited.jpg
s-MBZ EQS 450+ REAR SEAT_edited.jpg

2024 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ SUV

TYPE:  Single-motor, rear-wheel-drive

HORSEPOWER:  355 equiv

TORQUE:  419 lb.ft. equiv1

RANGE: 339-miles

MPGe: 87 city, 83 highway, 85 combined

BASE PRICE: $104,400

AS TESTED:  $111,100

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