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When the authorities order automotive writers to "shelter in place" it's hardly a hardship. After all, hanging out in my home-office connected to the Internet is my routine. And when I sneak out for a test drive, the roads are blissfully free of motorists. Meantime, the new product pitches keep coming so I've picked a few to share.

skunk stripes not enough?

The big, aggressive Dodge Charger SRT HEMI models are hardly subtle. And if a bright red paint finish isn't loud enough, factory skunk stripes and wheel-spinning bumble bees are available. But this Charger, spotted while visiting family in New Jersey was modified rather lavishly, drawing heavily from jet fighters. Gotta like it!


create a tiny cullinan

If you're fortunate enough to own a full-size Rolls-Royce Cullinan, perhaps you might want a 1:8 scale model of your car for your mansion or office. You're in luck! The ultra-luxury automaker has launched perfect mini replicas of the stately SUV that can be specified to your car's bespoke livery.

This is not your even above average model, like the die-cast cars in my modest collection. More than 1,000 parts are required and the hand finishing along with assembly takes 450-hours, a bit more than half the time to build the full-size car.

By now you may wish to know what such a lovely, hand-built model like this might cost. How utterly pedestrian of you to ask. But since you're curious, the Cullinan standard model starts at $17,100 and the more complex bespoke tiny Rolls-Royce might top $27,380. See your retailer for more details.


hennessey's 205mph c8

NOX bottle.jpg

Supertuner John Hennessey has made a career of modifying production engines to create enormous horsepower. But it takes time to rework powerplants with turbochargers, exhaust systems and internal bits. So just two months after delivery of his new C8 Corvette, Hennessey managed to clock an impressive 205 MPH. John's secret? A new exhaust system and Nitros Oxide!


C8 scissor doors

Perhaps a few proud owners of the newest mid-engine Corvette won't be satisfied with its ordinary doors. You know, the ones that open out instead of straight of up. Don't you worry. For just $2,995, Eikon Motorsports can convert your new C8 to look like a Lamborghini Aventador or McLaren 720 or perhaps that youngster's Acura Integra. And if you change your mind, the company asserts that the surgery is reversible.


it's really not a wagon

When Toyota launched its Venza model back in 2008, company spokespeople insisted that it wasn't really a Camry station wagon, despite its appearance and function. It has been three years since the model was discontinued in North America and Toyota is sure that the all-new Venza is just tall and sexy enough to attract buyers who wouldn't be caught dead in a wagon, but really want more than an SUV. This newest Toyota looks good enough to do the job nicely.

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