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news from the corona office

When the authorities order automotive writers to "shelter in place" it's hardly a hardship. After all, hanging out in my home-office connected to the Internet is my routine. And when I sneak out for a test drive, the roads are blissfully free of motorists. Meantime, the new product pitches keep coming so I've picked a few to share.

it's 16-Cylinder Time


Just when we thought the $100,000 Parmigiani Bugatti timepiece was all you should spend on a wristwatch, the ultra-lux brand has teamed with Jacob & Co to create a twin-turbo, 16-cylinder model. The watch's flying tourbillon movement, including a working 16-cylinder engine block with pistons and crankshaft, is the most complicated ever manufactured. MSRP $280,000

pool,rolls-royce style

Apparently, ultra-luxury car owners love to find ways to spend a quarter million on an exclusive accessory. Rolls-Royce owners are permitted membership in WHISPERS, a private social network where the shopping experience includes this very limited edition pool table. The backbone is premium aluminum (no recycled beer cans) covered with black lucite panels with the base finished in 14-carat gold. Five will be produced for $250,000  nearly the base price of a modest Rolls


donate your phantom

Some ultra luxury car owners use their prized vehicles to support a worthy cause. Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill donated his 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom to All-In Challenge, an auction raising funds to feed needy people. So far over $19-million has been raised by various celebrities to benefit Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, America's Food Fund, World Central Kitchen and Feeding America. Meek's Phantom has bids soaring past $320,000. Nice job Mr. Mill! 

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