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America’s Sportscar is Reborn

The all-new, mid-engine Corvette is an affordable supercar.

Let’s define supercar vs. sportscar. Ferrari F8 Tributo, Lamborghini Huracan, Acura NSX are supercar examples and all carry six-digit MSRPs. More affordable sportscars include Nissan’s 370Z, Toyota Supra and Mazda MX5 Miata. Prior to Corvette’s eighth generation, the C8, America’s favorite pure sportscar could compete with supercars in raw performance, but not in finesse.

The Driving Experience

My first impression was that despite the better road visibility that’s expected from a mid-engine sportscar with a quickly sloping hood, this seemed like a big Corvette. That impression was confirmed when I parked the C8 in our garage. It’s longer, wider, a bit lower and heavier than previous models. So I didn’t expect it to have the lightning quick reflexes of a McLaren 570S, but then you can buy three C8s for the price of one McLaren.

On the road, the bit of extra heft dissolves with the help of 495 horses and quick steering to point this beautifully balanced Corvette just where you want it. A launch to sixty arrives in under three-seconds and that eye-peeling performance is a safety feature when passing is required.

When you’re simply enjoying the drive, an activity most adults who like to stay out of traffic court indulge in, the C8 becomes a great grand touring machine. We stowed the hard top for a lovely drive down the coast and enjoyed high-res streaming music through the car’s 4G Wi-Fi and the 14-speaker Bose Performance audio system. This is a supercar that can do it all.

Brian Douglas

Moving Up

Corvette engineers, beginning with Zora Arkus-Duntov and his first prototype in the 1950’s, have wanted to place the driver just ahead of the engine, not behind it. But that layout nearly always incurs additional complexity and cost and usually sacrifices practical attributes like luggage space. Besides, the old front-engine, rear-drive layout has served the brand well throughout its nearly seven decades.

The new C8 Corvette moves the cockpit 16.5-inches forward on a new, longer wheelbase to keep the driver in the center of the chassis. Entrance and exit shed door handles in lieu of hidden electric buttons, and stepover is aided by slim rocker panels since the center tunnel backbone provides superb stiffness. 

The layout is driver centric with greater visibility over the shorter hood and that’s enhanced with small HVAC vents and switchgear moving to a swooping cabin divider. A squared off, race-style steering wheel enhances visibility to both the road as well as a large new, customizable instrument cluster that makes a statement about Corvette’s technology. Among the new tech features I was dying to try, the suspension height adjustment was high on the list. Although it worked as advertised, its ability to store the mapped settings cropped up on the screen, but no matter how I fiddled with inputs, it alluded my save command. If they had just left the car with me for another week…


2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe

TYPE:  Mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive

ENGINE:  6.2-liter V8

HORSEPOWER:  495 @ 6,450-RPM

TORQUE:  470 lb.ft. @ 5,150-RPM

BASE PRICE: $58,900

AS TESTED:  $78,265

FUEL CONSUMPTION:  15-city, 27-highway, 19-combined

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